Conceive Plus vs. Pre-seed – My first product review!

Welcome to my first ever product review! I did originally have a dedicated page for product reviews but I couldn’t get it to work properly, my website crafting skills just aren’t what they used to be! So, here we are!

I first came across the idea of fertility lubricant when we were about four months into our TTC journey. We had been using Ann Summers lubricants for foreplay & sex since we had got together which were brilliant, then I came across an article which stated these lubes could be blocking sperm with certain ingredients that are used. Obviously I went into full scale panic mode and thought, “this must be why I’m not pregnant!” I scoured the web for an alternative and it didn’t take me long to come across the first product I am reviewing which is the very popular, Pre-Seed.

Pre-seed £15.70 ~ Amazon UK  

As you can see from the picture here, in the box is a 40g tube of the lubricant itself and 9 applicators. You are supposed to add around 3g of product to an applicator and insert it inside your vagina, a bit like inserting a tampon, but with no tampon, just cold liquid!

To be completely honest, myself and Mr Blondie found this to be a bit of a mood killer! As we were finished with foreplay and ready for the next part, I had to stop, open up the packaging, fill the applicator with some lube, then insert it into myself, not exactly turn-on material! Once you’ve inserted it, you can’t exactly go back to foreplay otherwise it just leaks out and goes everywhere… you kind of have to get straight to it so that you don’t waste any product.

I only did the application method about 3 times in total. I wanted to give it a good chance over the fertile period. However, we did carry on using it. I slathered a generous amount onto Mr Blondie’s ahem… area… and I did the same to myself, without the applicator… just as if you were using a normal lubricant product. I found that it was not long-lasting at all over the course of foreplay and I had to keep on reapplying for it to be effective on either of us. It worked fine for intercourse but I don’t think it made a huge difference.

We have kept on using it for quite some time and that little tube does go a long way. I noticed it started to run out about August time? So we’d had it for a whole year for it to get to that point. We only ever used it during the fertile period and went back to our other Ann Summers lubes during the non-fertile periods. I really wouldn’t recommend it for use normally, it just isn’t as effective for a long session or as fun to use.

So, as the Pre-seed had started to run out, I thought I would try it’s very similar looking sister, Conceive Plus. The products aren’t actually related but, you’ll see why I say that if you keep reading!


Conceive Plus £15.96 ~ Amazon UK

I had read a lot about Conceive Plus and from what I could make out, it sounded just like Pre-seed. However, I had to know for myself, so I ordered some! I got it just in time for this fertile window (Cycle 18) so I was really excited to give it a go. I did notice some differences, the packaging seemed a little more, robust maybe? It was more attractive to me than the Pre-seed packaging as well. For £15.96, you get a 75ml tube of lubricant, a lot more than the 40g in the Pre-seed tube. However, this particular one I purchased came without applicators, which I was quite pleased about – they would have gone straight in the bin anyway! You can get Conceive Plus with applicators, but for me I didn’t find it necessary.

We got down to the business and can’t lie, I was a little disappointed when we used it with foreplay and I realised it was the exact same formula as Pre-seed. I’m not talking ingredients-wise, I’m talking feeling-wise. It dried up after a minute or so, exactly the same as Pre-seed. We then used it for intercourse and it was again, the same as before!

I have used it a couple more times during my fertile window and I still think the same.

So, in summary! I really think getting a bigger bottle of lube for around the same price is much better and because there isn’t really any any difference in the products, that’s all I can go by. Yep, you’ve guessed it, Conceive Plus is the winner!

Do you think differently to me? Are there other products out there you think are better for the baby-making? Let me know in the comments!

Love & baby dust,
Blondie x

* Prices correct at time of posting



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