Giving up is fun.

I’m not going to lie.

Things for me, were getting a bit samey. A bit dry. A bit, “can I really be bothered to sit with my legs in the air for 20 mins after sex?”.

Now that officially trying is behind us, our sex has got OH MY GOD AMAZING. Honestly, I couldn’t believe how amazing it is to NOT think about babies during sex, or sperm, or my cervix… just good old fashioned SEX!

We had a serious talk about us trying. We both agreed that a lot of this year has been stressful on us. We’ve had our great moments, a fabulous holiday to Dubai, various getaways and spa days… unfortunately we’ve had a lot of stress that has wiped a lot of that good out for me. The talk was successful, we agreed just to have sex because we WANT to, not because we NEED to. So far, it’s gone very well. I’ve felt sexy, I’ve felt so completely and totally in love!

I’m now really looking forward to 2017! I just want our lives to move on to even happier places!

Love & baby dust,

Blondie xo


One thought on “Giving up is fun.

  1. thesmallesta says:

    love it! it is so so stressful ttc when things aren’t happening. We have “given up” too. Think we need a good break, things can so easily get too much otherwise.
    wishing you lots of luck baby dust in 2017 🙂 and lots of fun too

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