Beyonce’s pregnant – from an analytical view.

Well, you certainly wouldn’t have heard it here first but I couldn’t possibly just keep quiet about this.

I’ve always been a fan of Beyonce’s music, just never a huge fan of her. She’s always had an aura of arrogance to me, which I just can’t get on with. That isn’t the point of this post but thought I’d just get that in there!

I always wondered if they would have another child, but after 5 years had passed I thought maybe they were happy with their daughter. I was pretty surprised to see this announcement and for some reason, it really got to me. Normally when I see celebrities getting pregnant it’s really easy to brush off, I don’t know them, they don’t know me, good on them for not having to go through what I’ve been through (potentially). There just seems to be something different about this one though.

Beyonce’s first pregnancy announcment at the 2011 VMA’s
Photo credit

Beyonce’s first pregnancy announcement with her daughter was of course, very elaborate and was non-stop talked about in the press for weeks on end and it’s certainly no different with this one. There’s a few things majorly different about it though, I’m going to get really deep into the image here so just bare with me. For one, she’s carrying twins (at the time the image was posted approximately 14wks). Secondly, the image is possibly 100% more elaborate than her first announcement and thirdly, this image represents to me that she has overcome something quite heart wrenching and now feels the need to adorn herself with positive energy – the flowers, the colour, half-nakedness, a feeling of angelic-ness is also majorly portrayed here with the veil. There’s maybe some sorrow in her face behind the veil, representative of how many years it’s taken to get to this happy place.

Beyonce’s second pregnancy announcement via her Instagram.

I can’t help but feel like Beyonce and Jay-Z had fertility struggles, just thinking about the long period of time from when their daughter was born until now. She did little press over the last 6 months, having just one main interview with Elle Magazine in April/May 2016 and not much ‘official’ press apart from that. Of course before that she released an album which was heavily advertised via social media and alongside some obligatory music videos to boot. Her fan base is so strong it’s almost unnecessary to do copious amounts of interviews and promotion.

Twin pregnancies account for one in six IVF births, compared to natural conception which is one in eighty. This is clearly quite high and of course very likely to happen with the procedure of IVF. (source found here.)

A lot of this leads me to believe that Beyonce’s second pregnancy has been a result of fertility treatment and potentially a long time of fertility struggles.

Of course, this is pure speculation, but if someone so prolific as Beyonce struggled with something like this, which is normally so damn taboo, should she maybe speak out about it? I know millions of women across the world would probably love to hear about her story and how they managed to get pregnant for the second time (or even the first time too! Who knows?!). I certainly would.

Everyday us ladies/gents going through infertility are greeted with a new baby announcement on social media. We are constantly reminded that everyone around us is getting pregnant, and we’re not. Sometimes it would be nice to know that we aren’t alone and that even someone as amazing as Beyonce has such human struggles as well.

I understand that infertility is extremely sensitive, (I mean, I’m going through it!) and not everyone wants to talk about it, or hear about it! I just wish that it was more talked about and people were more aware of it. Just because I am in a long-term relationship headed towards marriage I am constantly asked “when are you having babies?”, like it’s anyone’s business! Then I always struggle to smile and reply with “one day” with an incredibly fake cheerful grin. Just like ladies that have one child and are maybe going through secondary infertility, I bet being asked “when are you having another one?” is probably just as bad as the first! The problem is, people just don’t know. Raising more awareness would be amazing and maybe make some people a bit more sensitive to asking those types of questions?

Is Beyonce the person to do that?

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Love & baby dust,

Blondie xo



2 thoughts on “Beyonce’s pregnant – from an analytical view.

  1. thesmallesta says:

    I feel like I am stalking you a little haha but I love your posts.
    I think Beyonce had treatment too. Who knows, but I feel like it is a strong possibility. The twin thing is a big ppinter to me but I agree there seems to be something different….maybe I am just reading too much into it given current circumstances.
    I also *may* have googled celebs who have had ivf a few times to feel a bit less alone. I know plenty of us mere mortals have struggles but knowing rich and powerful famous people do too is just, nice is probably the wrong word but maybe reassuring?!
    And the when are you having kids chestnutm what fun. I was caught in a convo at work today about having kids. When new people find out I have one people always ask if I want another. I always um and ah in my answer and pretend now my daughter is getting a bit older that I don’t want to go back down the nappies and sleepless nights road. As if. Throw me down that road!!! Sometimes I feel like just saying I would love one but we can’t, but I don’t think anyone knows what to say to that, and for sure where I work at least it would be a great talking point while I wasn’t there and I don’t want people to know. I think that is the crux of infertility struggles – they seem so private and you almost feel ashamed that your body, your partner’s body, or both, don’t do this natural thing that everyone else seems desperate to avoid! I would love to be more open but at the same time, I don’t want anyone to know. I think this is as true, or perhaps more so, for celebrities who already have so much of their lives on display

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    • blondiewantsababy says:

      Haha please go ahead and stalk it’s absolutely fine – it’s so nice to know someone is listening to my ramblings!!! Yeah, i so wish they were more upfront about it because they have SUCH powerful voices and don’t realise how much reassurance they could give to people like you and me going through all of this! I guess there still is an element of embarrassment for them, having to go through it and not being able to shout from the rooftops that it happened naturally – so of course I don’t blame them for not being upfront! Oh gosh – people are so rude. I’m just so sick of the question and having to give a fake answer whilst not trying to launch myself into ringing their neck! I will join you on being thrown into that road! Gimme all the nappies! The sleepless nights! I want that! Yeah, i totally agree, no matter what you’re told or who you know that has “gone through it” it is still upsetting to have to say that YOU are going through it, like when I write this stuff – sometimes i feel like I’m writing about someone else. I never thought it would be me. I was 23 when I started this journey and I’m now 25, I thought I would have been a mum ages ago! xxx


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