A small update!

I’ve been quiet on here lately. Purely because I’ve been distracted! Mr Blondie and I have reserved our first home, a new build up north. We are so excited. Estimated completion is in June so it could clash with IVF but hopefully not, we will work around it if that is the case.

I chased up the clinic last week to find out where my chromosome/karyotype results were as it had been just over 4 weeks. They finally emailed me on Saturday night informing me that my results were back and the egg donation nurses were going to review them! So I’m really pleased, I just hope everything is okay.

The next hurdle is actually getting an appointment with the GP, to book in a smear test for me (my first ever one) and Mr Blondie needs a couple of blood tests done. We need to get the ball rolling as fast as possible because I don’t want to be in the midst of moving house whilst going through treatment, it will be a real struggle. Unfortunately our local surgery is really good at fobbing you off and causing huge delays.

Buying a house has been a priority for about 18 months now, so of course it has come at a time where we’ve got other major stuff going on too!

I’m so excited to soon have a home to call our own. I hope that soon we will be picking out nursery colours if our cycle of IVF goes to plan! I know that’s really naive of me but I don’t care… I’m allowed to dream!

I will update again once we have firm results and an idea of when we can start treatment. All being well they find a recipient fairly quickly!

Love & baby dust,

~Blondie xo


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