We’re at the last hurdle!

We’re here, ready to jump and enter the land of IVF. No turning back now.

I can’t believe it. After about 3 months of testing and anxiously awaiting results,  I can finally say we are about to be signed off to egg share and have our own treatment. I could not be feeling more emotions than I do right now!

As soon as the clinic receive my results for my smear test, which I have now, just need to scan it when I get home, we can be booked in to discuss our treatment plan.

Yes, a treatment plan! A treatment plan that will hopefully enable myself and my egg recipient have a beautiful baby! Of course I know that it may not work the first time, I’m fully aware of that, but this is the first step. I am prepared for it not to work, but if it does work, that will just be a ginormous bonus. We are lucky to get to this stage. A lot of couples aren’t entitled to/can’t afford treatment and some can’t get past the idea of egg sharing, so I am feeling very blessed to be in this situation.

I’ll update when we’ve got our treatment plan, I am still in disbelief that this is going to happen! I never thought we’d be one of those couples having IVF, but I’m glad we are. Definitely richer for the experience, and the amount of amazing people I have met and forged friendships with over the past two years is incredible.

Love & baby dust,

~Blondie xo


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