We’re at the last hurdle!

We're here, ready to jump and enter the land of IVF. No turning back now. I can't believe it. After about 3 months of testing and anxiously awaiting results,  I can finally say we are about to be signed off to egg share and have our own treatment. I could not be feeling more emotions … Continue reading We’re at the last hurdle!


You hurt me, but you don’t care.

The amount of times I updated you on how our infertility struggles were going, the amount of times you asked, the amount of times I poured my heart out, because I thought you cared. I really thought you did. You didn't. You've made that quite clear. I was just gossip and a bit of drama … Continue reading You hurt me, but you don’t care.

A small update!

I've been quiet on here lately. Purely because I've been distracted! Mr Blondie and I have reserved our first home, a new build up north. We are so excited. Estimated completion is in June so it could clash with IVF but hopefully not, we will work around it if that is the case. I chased … Continue reading A small update!

Tick tock…

The nurse told me 6-8 weeks until my Karyotype and Chromosome blood test screening comes back. So I'm now down to 5-7 weeks and the wait is already getting to me. It's making me nervous that something could be wrong then it will all just go up in flames. I so want to do this. … Continue reading Tick tock…